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Waldhausen S-Line Double Bridle Blackburn

Regular price $239.95 USD
Regular price Sale price $239.95 USD
- Swedish noseband
- Round-stitched noseband, cheek pieces and throat strap
- Separate, soft padding on the poll
- Curved browband with shiny crystals
- Softly padded noseband and headpiece
- Cheek piece and reins with hooks
- Stainless steel fittings
- Leather double bridle reins 12mm, leather snaffle reins 16mm
- High quality and noble
- The S-Line collection from Waldhausen
- 185 years of expertise in leather processing ensure top quality and a perfect fit.
- Only the finest Italian leather is used for Waldhausen's S-Line series and processed in the most experienced workshops.