About Us

We started in Claremore, Oklahoma in 1995 in the local dressage community. Our founders Beth Haist and Marty Haist were enjoying being a part of the local Oklahoma dressage societies and events. Beth & Marty often travelled to visit family in England and by chance ran into products that weren't available in the United States. When Beth got back to Claremore the local dressage community were thrilled to see what she had brought back. This lead to friends and acquaintances asking whether she could bring the same beautiful clothes and equipment for them too. Before long, The Horse of Course needed a premises as it was becoming too big to be run from Beth & Marty's farm.

Marty Haist was invited to train in Germany to become a bourgeoning master saddler. This led to The Horse of Course offering saddle fittings for their flagship saddle brand Sommer Saddles. 

The Horse of Course grew to attend regional shows in the Mid-west area including competitions in Texas, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Over the years The Horse of Course grew in reputation and in selection of products available. Not only did the Mid-west have a desire for these products, but the East Coast did too. The Horse of Course now also attends shows in New York State, Virginia, Kentucky and Florida, and offers saddle fittings and repairs up and down the East Coast from Maine to Florida.

The Horse of Course is growing this year. We opened our first store in Wellington, Florida this January 2022! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates on horse shows we will be attending and events at our new Florida store!


Beth Haist - Founder of The Horse of Course