Boot Repair

For expert boot repair, call 561-225-1961 Ext 1 or send us via our contact form:

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Having worked alongside Polomare's Workshop for a number of year's, The Horse of Course is now a drop-off location and mail-in location for Polomare's Workshop for boot repair.

Polomare’s Workshop specializes in broken zipper replacement in tall boots, replacing hundreds of zippers to factory original specs per year. Additionally, Polomare's Workshop can do every kind of repair or alteration to your riding boots. Polomare's Workshop works on the boots others won’t touch: from soles to snaps, spot-patching or full inside re-hide, elastic gussets, cut-downs, let-outs, take-ins, dyeing, hot oil reconditioning treatment, or crystal embellishment for a little decorative bling. Polomare's Workshop can do it all!

Polomare’s Workshop provides expert repair services for all major brands of high-end riding boots. Some of the common brands they repair are: König (Germany), Parlanti (Italy), Alberto Fasciani (Italy), Sergio Grasso (Italy) and FreeJump (France). They have factory original parts for all of the above and can source for Cavallo, Dehner, Derby Holland, Petrie, Vogel, DeNiro, Tucci, Fratelli Fabbri, La Mundial and Ariat. Chaps, half chaps/mini chaps and paddock boots are also gladly serviced.

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