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BioStar Tri-Gard EQ Pre-Event GI Tract Support

BioStar Tri-Gard EQ Pre-Event GI Tract Support

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Tri-Gard EQ is a pre-event paste in a syringe that supports a healthy gastric and digestive system to use when shipping and competing.

Medicinal mushrooms with top-grade apple pectin, sunflower lecithin, and sea buckthorn provide GI tract mucosal support. Tri-Gard EQ also includes soil-based probiotics, humic and fulvic acids, and chaga mushrooms to support a healthy immune response to stress from travel and competition.

Key benefits of Tri-Gard EQ™: 

• Medicinal mushrooms Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga for beta-glucan support against ulceration and immune support.

• Sea buckthorn is an antioxidant that also supports digestion.

• Top-grade apple pectin, sunflower lecithin, for GI tract mucosal support. 

• Active Bacillus strain probiotics which have a higher survival rate in the stomach than other common strains.  

• Reed sedge peat provides humic and fulvic acids, offering support for absorption and a healthy gut lining.

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