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TL Lined Rein-Black 54"

TL Lined Rein-Black 54"

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ThinLine reins. No slip, rubber styled reins. We guarantee you will develop softer contact and will have a steadier, more consistent feel with this nonslip rein. A softer feel than rubber. No stops needed reins mold to your hand.

Provide your horse with the softest and most secure connection with our specially designed reins.

Quiet stability of hand-to-bit contact is the key goal of all riders. The challenges with holding a rein can create tension. When the hand is tense, this tension moves from the hand all the way up to the shoulder. Losing a rein in a key moment is something we all wish to avoid. Our rubber grip style reins, wrapped in no-slip ThinLine, allows riders to have a soft, comfortable yet secure grip which translates to an elastic, sure connection to our horse.

The ThinLine rein is durable and guaranteed to improve communication and confidence with your horse.

Are you looking for the grip, but not the look or bulk of rubber reins? Our Lined Reins offer a beautiful traditional look with a discreet lining of ThinLine on the inside for the perfect feel in the hand. Tailor-made for the show ring.

Softness and quiet stability in our hand-to-bit connection are key goals for us. When we grip our reins tightly, we create tension. That tension can create tightness from the hands all the way up to the shoulder. The ThinLine Lined reins allow riders to have a soft, comfortable, and secure feel while improving elasticity and connection with their horses. A classic look perfect for the show ring with the technical performance and comfort of ThinLine.

  • Elegant and traditional, made with top quality bridle leather.
  • Lined inside with ThinLine open cell, no-slip foam.
  • Stud hook ends.
  • Low profile: 5/8″ wide and 1/4″ thick.
  • Colors: Black and Dark Brown.
  • Sizes: 54” (full/horse) and 60” (oversize).

Lined English reins rubber grips Italian leather black and brown.

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