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Thin Line Trim to fit Full Shim 7419/L

Thin Line Trim to fit Full Shim 7419/L

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Thinline Trim To Fit Full Shim is a pair of full size ThinLine shims that runs the length of an English ThinLine half pad. The shims are available in two thicknesses for you to choose the amount of shimming and protection for your horse's unique needs. The full length shim can be trimmed with scissors so you can create a pair of front, bridging, and rear shims to use as needed. The type of shim is specific to the type of ThinLine saddle pad you have. Trim To Fit Full Shims are available at Mary's for the ThinLine Sheepskin Trifecta (SKN.TRFCT), the ThinLine Trifecta Half Pad (TRIFECTA), and the ThinLine Trifecta Half Pad with Rolls (RL.TRFCTA). It is important to select the correct shim set for your specific type of saddle pad in order for the shims to fit correctly inside shim pockets.

  • Trim guidelines
  • Creates Front, Bridging, and Rear Shims
  • Made in the USA
  • Specific to each ThinLine Half Pad
  • Can be layered
  • Permanent shock absorbing properties

ThinLine Trim To Fit Full Shims have guidelines printed on the shim so you'll know where to cut. Some horse owners leave the shim whole to create an extra layer of protection without lift in one or two areas. Shims can be layered with the original shims that came with your ThinLine saddle pad. Having a full set of saddle fitting shims lets you configure the shims to fine tune the fit of your saddle. A horse with conformation issues, a younger or older horse, or a horse in training may change shape slightly and ThinLine shims can help support your horse along the way. Legendary ThinLine material offers outstanding shock absorption for back protection and reduces the effect of rider movements on the horse.

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