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Schockemohle Milan Glam Double Bridle

Schockemohle Milan Glam Double Bridle

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The Schockemöhle Milan snaffle bridle is an anatomically shaped bridle with a luxurious look. The bridle is designed with your horse's comfort in mind and has a contoured browband with a cutout for the nerves. At the height of the bit the noseband is narrower, at the widest point the noseband is 50mm. The anatomically shaped headpiece is pressure relieving and provides extra comfort for your horse.

This bridle comes with a rhinestone front strap and a patent leather noseband with rhinestones all around, giving the bridle a luxurious look. The bits are attached to the bridle with blind fasteners, providing a neat and professional look. The bridle comes without reins, giving you the freedom to choose which reins suit you and your horse best.

The Schockemöhle Milan snaffle bridle is perfect for riders looking for a comfortable and stylish bridle of high quality. With this bridle you are assured of a luxurious look and optimal comfort for your horse.

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