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Rope Halter set with lead

Rope Halter set with lead

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Kavalkade Rope Halter Set is a combination rope and leather halter for horses with matching lead rope. Unique Cavo Halter Set from Kavalkade has a braided rope nose, cheeks, and throat. The rope pieces have leather ends sewn on securely and those attach to the hardware. The crown is a padded leather piece that is adjustable. The Rope Halter Set offers the safety of a breakaway halter with the extra durability and control of a rope halter. The rope nose gives a little more authority to the handler

Kavalkade Cavo Halter Set is adjustable on the left side of the crown and at the nose so you get a good fit for your horse. The matching lead rope has leather on both ends and a swivel snap. The rope colors are black, bordeaux, and white. The leather is black. Very nice set!

  • Padded leather crown
  • Medium soft rope pieces
  • Stitched leather ends
  • Adjustable crown and nose
  • Includes lead rope
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