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PEI Levade Dressage Boots

PEI Levade Dressage Boots

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Product Description

These exceptional long leather horse riding boots are crafted specifically for dressage from high-quality European and patent leather. The traditional knee-high length is embellished with patent leather around the outer calf and a metallic detailing at the knee. Offering sophisticated appearance during everyday leisure or competition use.

The Levade design allows for a close-contact, contoured fit which elongates the rider’s leg and offers flexibility around the ankle. Supple, textured leather is integrated into the inside of the calf; aiding grip in the saddle and soft-touch communication with the sides of the horse.

The freedom of movement that these long riding boots provide makes them perfect for use in dressage. The technology helps to provide stability in the lower leg position, allowing for concise leg aids and clear communication

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