Kavalkade Comtess Rolled Weymouth Bridle Full

Kavalkade Comtess Rolled Weymouth Bridle Full

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Double Bridle Comtess – a stunning, high quality, half-rolled double bridle made from quality German leather with a softly padded crank noseband which is adjustable on both sides.

An anatomically cut, softly padded headpiece ensures enough room for your horse’s ears to move comfortably and without restriction.

The gel-padded noseband is anatomically cut to avoid the facial nerves and is wider at the centre (1.5″ including padding) and narrower at the sides (7/8th”) to prevent interference with the bits of the double bridle and safeguard the contact. A gel-padded chin pad protects the jawbones.

The curved browband with large white rhinestones adds a touch of bling to this beautiful bridle.

Including two pairs of rolled leather reins, the bradoon rein with hand-stops.

All fittings are stainless steel.

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