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Kavalkade Cinta Leather Halter

Kavalkade Cinta Leather Halter

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The elegant leather halter "Cinta" is made of oiled leather, softly padded and with an anatomical headpiece. For an ideal fit, the halter is adjustable on both sides and below the chin. A removable engraved plaque on the left cheekpiece allows the leather halter to be individually personalized.

What is oiled leather?
Oiled leather, like all of our leather products, is vegetable tanned and has its natural grain. It is treated with high-quality oils during the tanning process, making it very soft and water- and dirt-repellent. This means the leather remains supple, durable and easy to care for for a long time. Oiled leather acquires a great individual patina over time, which makes the product look unique and is not a flaw.

Size: PII, Cob, Full
Colour/ Fitting colour: black-black-brass, brown-brown-brass, cognac-brown-brass

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