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Passier Icarus Double Bridle

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This well-made double bridle is stunning on every horse and was designed with comfort in mind.

The cheek pieces and throatlatch of the Icarus are round and softly padded for the horse's comfort. The horse-friendly crownpiece padding effectively ensures that pressure on the horse's poll is reduced. The specially designed cavesson avoids any contact with the bit ring, so even the most sensitive horses won't experience pinching or discomfort. This is Passier quality at its best, and a real eye-catcher in any dressage arena.

The Icarus features a browband with large crystals, stainless steel fittings, and comes with two pairs of smooth leather reins with round front pieces and snaffle reins rubberized on one side. 

Icarus Double Bridle, Round Stitched with anatomical crank noseband