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Flying Changes Charlotte Dressage Short Coat

Flying Changes Charlotte Dressage Short Coat

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This is Flying Changes most popular style jacket. An elegant, close fitting, four buttoned jacket, with slender twin vents to emphasise the waistline.

Flying Changes coats are customisable in color and design. We recommend visiting our store or mobile unit for custom fitting. There are many color options both in fabric and buttons available,

Flying Changes' amazing new technical fabric is washable, breathable and durable, offering the perfect freedom of movement, yet still holding classical lines whilst worn. It has been tested for us by elite riders in extreme conditions and is so comfortable to ride in, you hardly know you are wearing a coat at all!

You can buy a standard size or you can have a coat tailored to your exact measurements with our specialist tailoring service. All coats are special order. 

Once coats are tailored, they are non-returnable as they are made to your specific size.
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