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Dyon Difference Snaffle ridle

Dyon Difference Snaffle ridle

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We love this bridle because it is ideal for horses that suffer from poll/TMJ issues. Designed to remove all pressure points off the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae.

The “Difference” therapeutic bridle has been designed with a cut back headpiece to avoid any pressure behind the horse’s ears which is a particularly sensitive area. Thanks to the exclusive shape of its headpiece and of the crossed throat lash, the bridle stays behind this neuralgic center and relieves the most sensitive horses.

The design of the “Difference” range of bridles stems from the collaboration between Dy’on and Equality Line after an idea from Lisen Bratt Fredericson and Peder Fredericson. It was designed to avoid any pressure on the poll, behind the horse’s ears which can be a particularly sensitive zone. It is noticeable that the pressure from a regular headpiece can create a real discomfort for some horses and generate communication problems between the rider and his horse. The “Difference” bridle aims to combat these problems..

This bridle is designed to keep the headpiece at least one hand behind the base of the ears. To maintain it in the right place, the throat lash should be adjusted very tight on each side and the “crossed piece” should be placed just between the noseband and the jawbone (see pictures). As the straps are adjusted only on the cheeks and on the bony parts of the head, it does not generate any discomfort.
Every part of the head stays free of movement.

  • Made from Sedgewicks English Leather
  • Therapeutic bridle with headpiece set back from the poll and crossed throat piece to secure
  • Flash Noseband
  • Cream Stitching
  • Brass Buckles
  • Stainless steel billets
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