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Schockemohle Slimford Bridle

Schockemohle Slimford Bridle

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Product information "SLIMFORD"

SLIMFORD combines function and sporty design. The bridle with an anatomically shaped special noseband has a unique head piece that has been specially adapted to the horse's anatomy. It allows the horse unrestricted ear play while wearing. The reduction in pressure in the sensitive zones, such as the cheekbones and poll, significantly maximizes the comfort for the horse. The preformed noseband has no flash strap. SLIMFORD is delivered with two different browbands: A simple leather browband and a single-row crystal browband can be attached to the bridle as desired.

The size WB-XL is only available in the color "black/silver".

  • anatomical bridle in a sporty design
  • preformed noseband without flash strap
  • flat side panels
  • equipped with two headbands: plain leather or a narrow crystal headband
  • Cheek pieces with bridle hooks
  • adjustable throat strap on both sides
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