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LeMieux Acoustic Pro Fly Hood

LeMieux Acoustic Pro Fly Hood

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The LeMieux Acoustic Pro Fly Hood reduces loud and sharp noises to help horses feel more relaxed and focused. The sound reduction fly bonnet for horses has a dense soundproof layer of micro-foam plus an acoustic Lycra covering at the ears. The ears are lined with a soft bamboo fabric that is friction-free and sweat wicking. Loud sounds are absorbed by the materials, leading to increased horse comfort and concentration.

  • Triple layer fabric technology
  • Breathable
  • Micro-foam
  • Wide area behind ears
  • Navy, Brown, Black
  • Medium, Large

Acoustic Pro Fly Hood from LeMieux is hand crocheted for a classic look and features an embossed PU leather panel. A wider area behind the ears will accommodate bridles with ergonomic, shaped crowns. If your horse is affected by noises while training or competing, the LeMieux Acoustic Pro Fly Hood can help reduce those distractions for better focus and greater rider safety.

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