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Kathy Connelly Nose Pad

Kathy Connelly Nose Pad

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One-of-a-kind design provides cushioning and protection for nose bones. Tailored of slightly thinner material, the bridle nose pad tucks neatly under the noseband – providing discrete comfort. Contributes to a quiet mouth and helps with tongue issues.

Kathy Connelly designed her easy-care comfort bridle pad product line to make her horses more comfortable in their work.

The soft cushioning prevents rubbing with terry cloth against the horse’s skin and a nonslip, textured rubber surface against the bridle.

The competition-legal pads are discreet and can be used with bridles (including custom bridles) of multiple riding disciplines – dressage, eventing, hunters, jumpers, endurance.

One size: 11 1/2″ X  2″

Material & Care:
Durable, machine washable, will not shrink. Mildew-resistant and non-allergenic filling.
Fully edged for a neat appearance.
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