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Score: 5.00. Votes: 9
Score: 5.00. Votes: 9
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  • Lynn Leath
    Aug 6, 2020, 04:09 PM
    I am a professional dressage trainer that has ridden in countless saddles over my 37 years in business. I've trained 2 horses from green broke to Grand Prix in this same saddle. Now working on my third. The Sommer Flextra is by far the best saddle i have ever ridden in. Other saddles rub me raw - not this saddle. It fits on every horse i put it on. Every horse I've ever put it on goes better. Every rider I allow to ride in it wants to buy it. The service from Marty and Beth Haist has been outstanding. I can't say enough about how much I recommend this saddle.
  • Ann Marie Nagle
    Nov 28, 2015, 12:17 PM
    I have ridden in this saddle for about 9 months but it only took 2 rides in it to know it was what I had been searching for, for many years. It was bought and fit for one of my horses and it immediately gave him the comfort to move expressively, which I was sure was just a myth up until that moment. I was so impressed by the results that I tried it on my other two guys, but because they are built so differently, I questioned the fitter to make sure I was not going to disturb the fit for the original horse. Now instead of a tackroom full of custom saddles I am a very satisfied owner of ONE Sommer Flextra.
  • Allison Kavey
    Nov 17, 2015, 01:01 PM
    I am consistently impressed with the panel design on the Flextra, which distributes weight very evenly across the horse's back. The tree design is also exceptionally intelligent: it allows the horse to use his trapezius and longissimus muscles all the way from through his body, rather than stopping the motion at the tree points. It puts the rider exceptionally close to the horse, doesn't interfere with position, and the blocks are well placed for those of us who ride young horses who occasionally lose their cookies. All in all, an absolutely awesome saddle for everything from breaking through the Grand Prix. And with Marty fitting it, it is unbeatable!
  • Tigger Montague
    Aug 20, 2015, 03:35 PM
    This is a great saddle because it allows the horse to move unencumbered under the rider, and through the back. It's a comfortable saddle for the rider without holding the rider in a static position. I wish I'd had this saddle years ago!
  • Anne McChesney
    Aug 20, 2015, 03:35 PM
    The first thing I noticed about the Savoy Flextra was my horse's more supple way of moving and increased swing in his back. The flexible tree affords the horse comfort. The seat supports my position and provides me balance so that I can engage my core. This saddle is state of the art for both horse and rider. Best of all is the customer support and adjustments by a master saddler - because your horse's back will change and develop with this saddle ! I give it 5 stars !
  • Pati Pierucci
    Aug 20, 2015, 03:35 PM
    I was a hard core Hermes user. however the first time I ever rode in the Flextra my husband said it was the best and the most open my hip ever looked. I have ridden in the saddle now for well over year.. Its really hard now when my client don't have them!! I have also found it totally puts clients who have purchased the saddle in the same open hip position utilizing their entire seat...5 stars for me
  • Kerstin Moltmann-Wilder
    Aug 20, 2015, 03:35 PM
    I love this saddle! I feel that it has improved my position a lot to where my hips are more open and legs are longer - and I don't get sore from riding (even after riding 7-8 horses). Initially it may take a few rides to get used to it but it is worth it. I can only recommend this saddle!
  • Mary Goldy
    Aug 20, 2015, 03:35 PM
    Best saddle I have ever had the pleasure to ride in. My horse's movement improved immeasurably. I also have arthritis and bursitis in my hips. No pain when I ride this saddle even though it is set to an extra wide. Allows me to have a longer, more effective leg. Aids are like whispers. Amazing saddle!