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BioStar Zen-Max EQ Equine Calming Paste

BioStar Zen-Max EQ Equine Calming Paste

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Not all horses respond to stress in the same ways. Some horses externalize their stress, and some internalize their stress. Zen paste formulas address the biological response to common stressors, addressing the entire brain/adrenal/gut axis to return the body to homeostasis.

Zen-Max: Zen-Max supports horses that externalize stress with outward behaviours such as stall walking, weaving, restlessness, over-reactivity, and inability to focus. It provides Rhodiola rosea, a powerful plant adaptogen used by athletes for stress support and mental focus, plus higher amounts of Red Reishi and bovine milk protein.

• Zen-Max™ features two forms of Rhodiola rosea: one is a quick-acting adaptogenic plant extract that goes to work quickly, and the other is a slower acting herbal powder that can last for several hours.  Zen-Max provides the adaptogenic mushroom Red Reishi to support the brain/adrenal axis, and more bovine milk protein for neurotransmitter support. Top-grade aloe soothes the GI tract, and amino acid-chelated magnesium supports muscle relaxation.

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