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BioStar In-Zen Equine Calming Paste

BioStar In-Zen Equine Calming Paste

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Not all horses respond to stress in the same ways. Some horses externalize their stress, and some internalize their stress. Zen paste formulas address the biological response to common stressors, addressing the entire brain/adrenal/gut axis to return the body to homeostasis.

In-Zen: Horses that internalize stress may act withdrawn, spend more time in the back of their stall, show reduced response to touch, or an increased fear reaction in their normal routine.  

• In-Zen™ [UPDATED FORMULA without Ashwaganda to meet new USEF regulations] provides Red Reishi mushroom, a powerful plant adaptogen that helps address the brain/adrenal axis and supports the immune system. Top-grade aloe provides soothing support to the GI tract. Holy Basil (Tulsi) helps regulate cortisol and supports the brain-adrenal axis

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