Back on Track pain relief products evolved from a combination of modern scientific findings and skilled textile production. The result is a polyester fabric with a ceramic powder melted into its threads. The ceramic reflects body heat as an infrared wave, a form of energy with a documented pain-relieving effect. The reflected heat can reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and speed healing. These products can be used to warm up muscles to reduce the risk of strains or injury or to expedite recovery from established injuries.

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BOT APSAD Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad
  • $68.95
BOT DRSGPAD Back on Track Dressage Saddle Pad
  • $68.95
BOT HOCK Back on Track Hock Boot
  • $78.95
BOT KB Back on Track Knee Boots
  • $78.95
BOT QW Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps
  • $92.95
BACKPAD Back on Track Therapeutic Back Pad
  • $68.95
BOTQS Back on Track Therapeutic Exercise Sheet
  • $138.95
2756 Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Horse Sheet
  • $249.95