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Thinline Shims

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Master Saddlers and ThinLine developed a shimming system designed to create custom saddle fit while also providing shock absorbing therapeutic benefits. ThinLine saddle fitting shims are made from the same trademark foam found on ThinLine pads. In addition, shims are easily inserted or removed and stay in place during riding and washing.

ThinLine pads have an open pocket. As a result, you place shims exactly where you need them.  The pocket has room for up to three 1/4 inch shims in the same location. When stacking multiple shims, place one just behind the other to create a seamless transition.

Shims are sold in pairs and are available in the following styles:

Front Shims provide lift in the wither area and can be used to fill in behind shoulders.

Bridging Shims are used to support hollow or sway backs. ThinLine foam encourages horses to lift their back thus developing better muscle tone over their toplines.

Rear Shims are designed to lift the cantle of the saddle chiefly to create balance.

Saddle Fitter Kits featuring 1 set of front 1/4″ shims and 2 sets of 3/16″ rear shims are also available.

The full Booster Shim fills the entire ThinLine panel. Booster shims allow you to create ThinLine Plus (1/4 inch) thickness for intense protection.

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