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Cellarator Turbo

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Cellarator® Turbo paste is a 3-in-1, fast acting, oral paste that combines our exclusive proprietary ingredient Cell-rate® with probiotics and electrolytes to enhance performance, prevent dehydration and help combat stressful situations. Backed by 15 years of research, Cell-rate® may have a positive effect on feed utilization, stress levels, nutrient absorption, intestinal flora and immune response. Each 20cc dose contains 5 Billion CFU’s (colony-forming units), encapsulated microbials to help maintain and increase digestive efficiency and electrolytes with vitamin E to help restore normal body function and assist in preventing dehydration. Cellarator® Turbo paste is ideal for any stress situation including: pre/post performance, transporting, during illness/injury, rehabilitation, females and newborns pre/during/post gestation, and during vaccinations. Cellarator® Turbo paste is drug-free, safe to feed with other supplement products and safe to feed to horses, cattle, hogs, sheep and goats of all ages. There are 4, 20cc doses in each 80cc tube.

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