Chris Hickey Joins Our Elite Team

Christopher Hickey - Contento Sogno

Christopher Hickey – Contento Sogno

We’re pleased to announce that American Grand Prix dressage rider Christopher Hickey has been officially named a sponsored rider of The Horse of Course! The Pan-American Games gold medalist has been a regular client of ours for more than decade, and we’re excited to welcome him to our team of sponsored riders.

“I have always admired Chris- he’s a lovely rider and clearly loves the horses. I always felt he would be a great member of our team of sponsored riders. He needed saddles with a great maintenance program that would let the horses he rides have the most freedom possible in their back so they can perform wonderfully and stay happy,” says The Horse of Course’s CEO Beth Haist.

Chris has been riding in Sommer Spezial saddles since last year, and he’s an enthusiastic proponent of the brand, stating, “I think it is amazing that our industry has come out with so many new high tech products that make our horses more comfortable while doing their jobs for us. I work my horses hard, but I also take excellent care of the horses in my program. I am very sympathetic to what they need for their health, happiness, and soundness so that they can each do their job to the extent that they are able.”

Welcome to the team, Chris!

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