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New ASTM Helmet Standards In Effect


As of this month, the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) new helmet standards are in effect. The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) will use these new standards to certify all helmets manufactured from January 2016 forward.

How does this affect you? The good news is that your current helmet is probably okay!

  • Any helmets currently labeled to meet the previous ASTM standard (F1163 O4a)/SEI certified status will not lose their certification! If your current helmet meets this standard, there is no need to replace it. If you’re shopping for a new helmet and find one which is labeled this way, you can feel confident it’s the best available protection.
  • The USEF Safety Committee is not contemplating or anticipating any rule changes regarding protective headgear. If you are competing in USEF sanctioned competitions, your ASTM F1163 O4a helmet still meets the standards for protective headgear.
  • The new standard will have minimal impact on current helmet design.

Of course, there are circumstances in which you should replace your helmet:

  • You have had a fall or other impact.
  • You have been using a helmet for 5 years.

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